4 ways to constipation relief

Constipation is characterized by hardness of stool. When it occurs, one will usually have discomfort, pain and allot of other problems brought about by it. When this occurs, everyone would be looking for constipation relief. There are 4 ways in which this can be arrived at without incurring any cost.


One of the cheapest and indeed one of the most advocated ways of dealing with the constipation is exercise. Yet, the constipation relief doesn’t have to involve vigorous exercise or work out in a gym. All that you need to do is to make short trips on the road though walking. You will be surprised at how effective this will be in alleviating the symptoms of constipation. It is cheap and convenient as all that you need to do is to take a after the meals. You can go round your neighbourhood and back. If you repeat this daily after meals, the peristaltic, bowel movements will be initiated and you will realize that that it will be easy to deal with constipation. No need to take laxatives or other medications to reverse the effects of constipation.

Fluid intake

The intake of fluids is often taken for granted and this is why some people are always constipated. Yet for constipation relief, all that you need to do is to increase intake of soup, water, herbal teas, lemon added water and such. All these have been found to be very helpful in dealing with constipation .They soften the stool so that you can have an easier passage. This ideally means that at any one given one time, one should be hydrated so that the stool does not harden at all. This does not mean that one should take any fluids for the sake of it. For instance, some beverages like coffee are diuretics, meaning that they absorb water and cause you to go dry. In the long run, they exacerbate the condition. It would thus be advisable that one be careful on the kind of drinks one is taking as this could either offer relief or complicate things.


What do you include in your diet in order to manage the constipation? Whatever you take, always ensure that your diet includes fruits and vegetables. Fibre is also very important as it is the one which increases bulk of the food and helps in the elimination of the stool. We are talking about the whole grains, prunes and raisin to name but a few. Diet that is lacking in the fibre will ultimately lead to constipation. This is because the stool will be hard and lumpy and  still, will not be as lumpy as to initiate the bowel movement necessary to expel it through the rectum. One more thing about the aforementioned diet is that this should not be treated as an option but a requirement daily.

Bowel movement scheduling

Just as you would schedule to take part in an activity, the bowel movement should be scheduled a time very day after taking meals like breakfast and lunch.

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