8 ways on how to relieve constipation

If you have suffered from constipation, you will appreciate the need to find ways to relieve. Generally, you will experience hardness of stool, straining and difficulty passing the same. Yet, there are many ways in which this problem can be addressed and relieved. The following are 8 ways on how to relieve constipation.

Eat right

Eating right does not mean eating balance diet alone but also getting the ingredients which will help in relieving the constipation. In other words, you should ensure that you have roughage and fibre. These are very important and especially if one take both the soluble and the insoluble fibre. Fibre is mostly found in the bran, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Whole grains

The whole grains have a lot of fibre and add bulk to the food. This is helpful in helping one to relieve them without straining. In other words, the whole grains assist in initiating bowel movements. This way, you will pass stool easily.


Not all fruits will help to relieve constipation. The classic examples of helpful fruits include mainly include the prunes. They   have lots of fibre and what is more, they are rich in a substance known as orbital. The latter plays a pivotal role in alleviating the effects of constipation.

Drink lots f fluids

To say that you need fluids to counter the constipation is an understatement. What this basically means is that you need plenty of soup, water and generally, the food should have a lot natural fluid in it. The exemption on fluids is the coffee and tea. These drinks are diuretic. Though they stimulate the digestive system, they tend to cause you to feel thirsty. If you don’t take water afterwards, you will be dehydrated and this would mean   even more constipation.


Herbs are best taken in the form of   tea. On how to relieve constipation, the herbals teas have been found to treat even the most serious cases of constipation. The herbs are known to contain substances which boost the body’s ability to counter the constipation in the body. Take the herbal teas as frequently as you can. This way, the stool will become easier to remove without straining. You will not have any difficulty in passing; neither will be hard and lumpy.

Walk the talk

The aspect of walking has been linked to decreased cases of constipation. The most constipated lot are those who stay immobile. The office workers in particular are prone to the condition. Therefore, it is advisable to walk a short distance and especially after taking meals.

Baking soda

You may not have thought about the home remedies but the baking soda is without doubt one of the best substances which prove helpful when it comes to the question on how to relieve constipation.


The minerals that we take in our food play an important role in improving our digestibility and also passing of stool. Magnesium is one such mineral whose increased intake will help to deal with the problem of constipation.

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