Are laxatives the worst medicine for constipation?

Out of the so many options available, perhaps it is high time one took the laxatives as worst medicine for constipation. One might question the wisdom of using the laxatives as best medicine for constipation but a cursory look at the other options available will lead you other options and not laxatives.

They lead to dependency

Though there is hype that laxatives really work, this largely depends on what you are using. If you have natural laxatives, well and good; if you are using the supplements, just know that you are looking for short cuts to an even long, windy way to getting free from constipation.

To illustrate this better, take the case of people who use the supplements bough as OTCs for treating constipation. They offer quick solution but this is only temporary. Sooner or later, the body develops dependency on the supplements such that you have to keep taking them to relieve yourself from constipation. This is merely fooling yourself as you will not get out of it. The manufacturers   of the laxatives use a lot of hype on how the laxatives are effective. What they don’t tell you is that once you are hooked to the so called medicine for constipation, you will not come out of it.

This means that you will be taking the laxatives every time you suffer from constipation. There are side effects associated with this intake of laxatives. For one, you will diarrhoea and vomit. There are other unnoticeable side effects in the body which take root slowly and eventually, you start having illnesses you can hardly explain. The laxatives, unless the natural ones, are best taken with the leave of the doctor and only in emergency cases. Unfortunately, we form a habit of going for convenience over expediency when it comes top health issues.

Constipation is clearly a dietary issue and therefore, only appropriate health measures will help deal with constipation.

If you are thinking about medicine for constipation, start thinking outside the laxatives as stop gap measures and still, look for the diet, exercise and home remedies as long as they are natural. You will be surprised to learn that much of the constipation that we go through is self inflicted and only way to get out of it is to change out lifestyles.

The laxatives sold as over-the-counter have much more harm than good if used over a long period of time. They erode the gut of the vital elements and the bacteria that helps in digestion process. They also don’t offer lasting solution to the problem of constipation.

They are not cheap either and in fact, you might end up spending much more treating a problem that could easily be treated naturally. The bottom line is that one should seek natural solutions to treat constipation. The use of olive oil, castor oil, baking soda, fruits rich in orbital and fibre to name but a few, is the way.

If you avoid the supplements sold as OTC, you will find that solution is in natural medicine for constipation

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