Best constipation cure

Are you looking for the best constipation cure? Well, the truth of the matter is that there is no one single cure for constipation but   a number of them. You can only find a remedy through   trying any of the following suggested constipation cure.

Stimulating the colon

One way of   curing constipation has much to do with the way the colon is stimulated. In this case, you will need a food substance which will stimulate it. Honey has for the longest time been regarded as one of the best constipation cure. It stimulates the colon which is a precursor to the bowel movement. Take a spoonful of raw, unprocessed form. It can be taken alone or added to a drink.

Natural laxative

Whatever you consider the best cure has also got to be a natural laxative. Out of the so many laxatives that we have, prunes remain the most preferable. These are fruits which are not only laxatives but also contain a chemical substance known as orbital. The latter is a very important component for managing constipation. If you can, take regular helpings of prunes and you will see the difference in your bowl movement. It is a classic cure that has been used in many households as home remedy for constipation.

Fibber intake

If there is one thing that you cannot afford to take for granted, it has got to be the fibre. This is because you need fibre to increase the bulk of the stool. The bulking agent in the fibre is what helps to increase the bowel movement. In the long run, you will not suffer from constipation as the bowl movement will always be present.

Herbal tea

Taking herbals teas has been recommended even in ayurvedic medicine as constipation cure. Many people who take green teas for instance report getting great relief from their constipation related problems. It shows that these herbal teas contain substances which initiate the process of bowl movement so that the stool can easily come out via the rectum. Do you feel like you don’t empty the bowels fully? Simply take more herbal teas daily and you will find great relief from your problem.

Take a walk

We tend to think that exercise is only for keeping us fit and losing weight.however,the reality on the ground is that, you will be able to find great relief from constipation from the  very act of walking daily after taking you meals .This means  that after breakfast or lunch, you should walk a short distance. It will help start the bowel movement and you will be able to prevent the constipation. The latter is made worse by complete lack of movement and often, people working in offices where movement is limited tend to suffer from constipation.

Stay hydrated

Instead of taking diuretics like coffee and tea, water and soup are some of the best fluids that you should increase in your diet. They go a long way in ensuring that you do not suffer from constipation. This is because they soften the stool.

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