Best constipation treatment

When it comes to the constipation treatment, there are various options one can explore. For one, you can go the home remedies way, the use of over the counter and medical surgery. All these are important depending on the stage of the constipation. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best constipation treatment options available.

Home remedies

Before you even start thinking about the expensive treatments, one can first utilize the wide array of the home treatments. The use of baking soda, herbal teas, olive oil and  intake of mineral magnesium are some of the more widely explored  home remedies . The olive oil for instance is very useful because it is a laxative. You can also use the castor oil for the same reason. Laxatives generally stimulate the colon, hence causing the bowel movement. When taken after a bout of constipation, you will thereafter have diarrhoea like episode. The stool softens and comes out fast, giving you the much needed relief. Babies who suffer from constipation are usually treated by giving them olive to stimulate their delicate colon.

Over the counter medication

The medication is usually in the form of laxatives. When taken, the function much the same way as the home based treatment options discussed above. The use of the Over-the-counter medications should be restricted as some of them are known to exacerbate the situation .In some other cases, the body gets addicted to the use of laxatives to treat constipation. The goal should be to get the natural bowel movements without having to ‘jumpstart ‘every time you have bouts of constipation. However, if well used, the OTC could prove convenient and especially if you are away from home or has no idea on how to make the constipation treatment.


The last option for constipation is surgery. Patients of the constipation sometimes suffer so much pain that no home remedies can help them. Take the case of severe constipation. It leads to the prolapsed of the rectum. The patient is not able to pass stool the normal way until the operation .if not done, the manual return of the rectum may actually lead to infection and this may end up being fatal.

Use of the food and exercise

If you are not suffering from serious case of constipation, then diet and exercise are sufficient to alleviate the situation. The patient is required to take meals which are laden with roughage and fibre. These two help to add bulk to stool, making for easier elimination from the body. Bran is one good example of what should be included in your breakfast. Others are whole grain cereals like wheat based foods. Insist on taken the whole grain, not the processed ones. You should ensure that you take the soluble and the insoluble fibre in order to benefit from the alleviating effect of the   fibre.

Exercise is very important as it helps to initiate the bowel movements. Walking even for 15 minutes is helpful in the constipation treatment.

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