Constipation symptoms to watch out for

Though constipation is underrated, it can be very serious. Some signs are mild and others serious. In this article, we are going to look at the main constipation symptoms to watch out for.

Hard stool

Though the stool can be hard in one off situations, one should be keen on the hardness of the stool and the frequency. This basically means that the stool should not be too hard as to force one to strain.  The hard stool over a reasonable period of time shows that you are suffering from constipation.

Staining when passing stool

If you strain when passing stool, do not dismiss it. It is indicative of dehydration which causes the stool to harden and hence refuse to come out. The lack of bowel movement causes one to strain and this could lead to constipation.

Difficulty in passing stool

This may more or less be the same except that with dfiffculty, you might take a long time to empty the bowels. It also happens that sometimes, you feel that you have not emptied the bowel and therefore has to keep going back to the washroom.

Infrequent passing of stool

If the number of times that you go the washroom is less than 3 times a week, you will easily identify it as one of the more common constipation symptoms. The number of times that you go to the washroom should not in one time go to less than 3 times a week over the 3 next 3 months. Unfortunately, many people suffer from constipation without really telling what really recognizing it.


To be bloated is to have a lot of gas. Sufferers of the condition have a lot of gas which makes them feel like they want to pass stool but when they do, they only pass gas.


The constipation symptoms mainly constitute cramps. Cramps originate somewhere below the abdomen and tend to be sudden and sharp.  When you start experiencing cramps that you cannot explain, it is possible that you have constipation which needs to be treated at the earliest opportunity.

Abdominal pain

One of the commonest constipation symptoms is abdominal pain is the pain in the abdomen. You will experience pain in the abdomen. The pain could be periodic, coming and disappearing in some cases. When you experience the pain more than once, you need to be checked for constipation.

Blood in stool

Due the strain when one is passing stool, there is tendency of the hard stool hurting the lining of the rectum. This is why the stool comes out with blood. This could very painful to the person who is constipated.


The stool usually comes out as hard, separate masses that are like lumps. They tend to be hard. When you notice this over a given duration of time, then is possible that you have a bout of constipation.

Constipation is chronic in most of the cases. The good news though is that it can be managed through diet and exercise.

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