Finding treatment for constipation

Constipation can be described as disorder affecting the digestive system in such a way that you are unable to pass stool the normal way. The stool comes infrequently, is hard and lumpy. There is presence of pus, blood and pain when passing the said stool. When one notices all these symptoms, know that it is time to get treatment for constipation.

Medical treatment

This is usually the last resort whereby one may even be booked for surgery. If the constipation is severe, it leads to the prolapsed of the rectum. This would mean that the rectum comes out of the body due the pushing that one does. If the p rectum does not relapse on its own, then it will take a surgical intervention.

 The   doctor will also recommend intake   medication to treat the haemorrhoids or piles which you will be suffering from. The medication that will be administered to you will generally be used to relieve the pain   and swelling in the blood vessels located in the anal area. There are suppositories which can be inserted there and there are also those taken orally.

Dietary intervention

Sometimes you do not have to go all the way to medications to treat the constipation. On treatment for constipation, you will find that a simple act of taking food rich in roughage and fibre will help relieve the symptoms of constipation. It is the lack of fibre in the diet which causes the stool to be hard and difficult to pass out. This is the reason why one is advised by nutrition experts to ensure that they have enough fibre in the diet. Foods such as whole grains, cereals and seeds   of some plants are recommended. In the same vein, one is dissuaded from taking highly processed foods such as the dairy products. One example to suffice is cheese. It is not healthy and will only exacerbate your constipation.


The Over-The-Counter medication is availed to those who are suffering from constipation. This basically means that you need to take the suppositories to get relief from the constipation. There are others in the forms of laxatives which are availed as quick and effective remedies for the constipation. When it comes to treatment for constipation, one should be careful with some of the laxatives as they tend to create some dependency   when you are hooked. This ideally means that you end up with a bigger problem than the one that you originally had.

Home remedies

You cannot write off j home remedies yet when it comes to the treatment for constipation. There are some well known options which you can explore. Perfect examples include the use of baking soda, olive oil and castor oil. All these have been tried and found to be highly effective in treating various problems which relate to the digestive system. They alleviate the symptoms of constipation pretty quick, thereby enabling you to get better and what is more, they are cheap. One should consider the home remedies before seeking out to others.

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