How to get immediate constipation relief

When the stool gets hard, one is not able to pass it. This is when we say that you have constipation. There are many options for dealing with the problem. Out of the so many, the following are ways in which one can get immediate constipation relief:

Hydration through drinking water

One should take more water in order to soften stool. It has been observed that people who drink plenty of water do not have constipation issues like those who don’t. It tells you that water softens stool, making it easier to pass it. One should take water even when not thirsty in order to overcome this issue of constipation.

Laxative in fibre

Does the food you take contain fibre? If not, then you need to increase the intake so as to get immediate constipation relief. The fibre in food such as the greens and whole grains serve as laxative, thereby helping to deal with the constant problem of constipation.

Prunes intake

Sorbitol and fibre are the main ingredients in the juice of the prunes which you should be interested in if you are to get immediate constipation relief. The juice is very helpful in combating the constipation whilst the fibre serves to increase the bulk so that you can pass stool easily.

Keep off dairy products

If you really are going to succeed in alleviating the constipation, then you have to start with the food you eat. Some foods that we take contribute to the constipation. A good example is the dairy products like cheese. They worsen the constipation since they lack fibre and also tend to dehydrate the body. Instead of taking the dairy products, you may opt to switch to vegetables and whole grains instead. These will go a long way in alleviating the problem of constipation.

Bulking agents

One way to immediate constipation relief is increasing the bulking agents to the food that you eat. There are some foods which we eat that add weight or bulk to the stool. This increases the peristaltic movement of the waste matter, thereby enabling it to come out of the body. This is helpful in preventing the constipation which results from stalled peristaltic movement.

Take castor oil

It may not have occurred to you really but the consumption of castor oil has been shown to greatly boost the easier passage of stool. This oil serves as a laxative, enabling the easier elimination of waste from the body. If you are suffering from constipation, simply take the castor oil and you will see instant results. Of course you should be ready for signs of diarrhoea as the stool comes out fast once you take the oil!

Magnesium for constipation

For those who are struggling with constipation, the intake of magnesium will be very helpful in alleviating the problem so that you can easily pass the stool.

The above are some of the main ways to deal with a debilitating case of constipation without having to incur any cost.

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