How to treat constipation at home

The medications for constipation tend to be expensive. They are also not a guarantee that you will get better. In any case, some of them have side effects. The best approach in the circumstances would be to use the home remedies as they are cheap, easily available and have absolutely no side effects.

Since we are talking about how to treat constipation, the assumption is that you are already suffering from the constipation. One thing about home remedies is that they take a natural approach where no drugs or medication are involved.

Take the case of oils for instance. The castor oil is highly advocated for when it comes to the issue of how to treat constipation. In other words, you would need to use the oil to offer you the laxative effect that they contain. In other words, you would need to use the oil daily for a few days, taking the oil in your food or separately in order to induce the bowel movement. Most people know castor oil as a detoxifier but in actual sense, it is a good remedy for those who are suffering from constipation. Children suffering from constipation are subscribed to a teaspoonful of castor p oil. It will offer the relief in just a matter of hours and before you realize, there is passage of normal stool, though initially, it might be watery.

Olive oil

We only know olive oil is for cooking, but rarely do we pose to look at it from the point of view as a laxative. Now we know that using olive oil in your cooking is highly beneficial; and will actually be highly be highly beneficial to the body in the sense that it helps to stimulate the colon. The inactivity in the colon is what causes the constipation. The bowels movements are absent, causing the stool to remain trapped in the colon for long. The use of olive oil is advised as it helps to bring the colon back to life.

Use of herbs

Though not all herbs help in dealing with constipation, the use of herbal teas has been found to be highly effective in dealing with constipation. The herbal tea like the green tea for instance stimulates the digestive system and brings it back to action. This way, the bowel movements are experienced. This   is one of the best ways on how to treat constipation.

Baking soda

Have you used baking soda to treat constipation before? If not, you will find that it is highly effective in resolving unresponsive bowel. All that you need to do is to mix it with water to make a solution and then drink it. You will get relief from the constipation faster than you would have imagined. The baking soda has a way of restoring activities of the digestive system back to track.

There are of course many other cheaper home remedies that one can try out but the few discussed above will greatly help bring relief from your constipation.

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