Is this what causes constipation?

The question on what causes constipation has been the subject of discussion for some time. Even the seemingly healthy people complain about hard, clumpy stool, cramps and pain in the lower abdomen. Others say that they see blood in stool, experience difficulty passing stool whilst others still talk about pain and straining when they try to pass stool. On what causes constipation, we  look at the following.

Lack of fibre in diet

One of the main reasons why people suffer from constipation has a lot to do with lack of fibre. The fibre is the element you find in whole meal food such as bran, whole grains and cereals. The unprocessed foods have this substance which adds bulk to the stool, thereby helping in relieving one from constipation. There is the soluble and insoluble fibre, both of which are vital in combating constipation. For bulking stool though, you need more of the insoluble than the soluble fibre.


O n the question if what causes constipation, we need to appreciate that dehydration causes constipation. When we take food that is lacking in any fluid, the first thing that happens is that the e colon reuptakes any available and this leaves hard compact matter. This matter gets stuck in the rectum and may actually cause one to strain in a bid to pass it out through the rectum. As such, one should increase the intake of fluids such as soup and water. Fluids play an important role in the peristaltic movement, thereby enabling the removal of the waste matter from the body. One should however avoid drinks which are diuretics such as coffee and tea. They take up water from the system, causing you to feel thirsty. This may in the short run hamper the body’s ability to get rid of waste from the rectum.

Poor digestion

People with digestion are predisposed to constipation most of the time. This is because the indigestible and the poorly digested food settle in the colon. This makes the bowel movement difficult and as a result, they are unable to pass stool the normal way. This explains the reason why one is highly advised to chew food properly before swallowing. Otherwise the undigested, indigestible matter will find it difficult to pass through the rectum hen relieving oneself.

Lack of exercise

People who rarely exercise are at a heightened risk of constipation. This is because the bowel movements cease to work and the contents of the colon remain there for long. Walking is all that you need to stir up the colon and get the waste matter moving down the colon.


Overweight people tend to suffer from constipation more than the ones with normal weight. This might be caused by the indigestion or an overworked digestive system which affects the bowel movements.


Some people are genetically predisposed to constipation based on the ability of the body to digest food and get rid of waste matter.

Pregnant women are also prone to constipation due to weight.

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