Lifestyle causes of constipation

Constipation may be due to a number of reasons. However, we are interested in the lifestyle causes of constipation. This is because in most cases, the condition is caused by lifestyle changes that we make. Let us look at some of them.


Diet plays an important role when it comes to constipation. If the diet is deficient in roughage and fibre, then one will definitely experience a serious problem of constipation. Dairy products such as cheese are deficient in fibre and therefore are more likely to lead to constipation. One is therefore advised to increase intake in food that is rich in fibre. Whole grains and cereals are the best.

Examples of whole grains include brown rice and whole grain bread. They have the kernel, hull and husks in tack and therefore no processing is done in them.

As for cereals, we are looking at rye, bran among others. These are whole and therefore rich in fibre. The work of the fibre is to add bulk to the stool and is thus referred to as bulking agents. These are some of the foods that one should start taking and especially if prone to constipation.

Fruits and greens

We take greens and fruits lightly but they actually play an important role in reducing constipation incidences. For instance, you need to ensure that your diet incorporates fruits like prunes. They are highly edible and laden with fibre. What is more, they contain sorbitol, a chemical substance that is very useful in fighting constipation. This is not the only fruit one should take. Take others like raisins as they have similar properties and will generally prove very useful in dealing with constipation.

In regard to vegetables, greens are very important when it comes to managing constipation. One of the causes of constipation is lack of greens and vegetables in the diet. These greens not  only add bulk, they also contain important minerals like magnesium which helps in  preventing constipation.One should take greens regularly in order to add bulk to the stool. This way, constipation will greatly be prevented.


How often do you take fluids? Some people hardly take meals with adequate soup. They also take little or no water and this has a bearing on the constipation that results thereafter. It is instructive that one takes enough amount of water everyday. This is especially if you have lost any water through exercise or intake of dry food.

The recommended fluids include water, soup, herbal teas and juice extracts. The juice should be healthy and preferably homemade as opposed to the processed juice.


The kind of exercise one engages in or the complete lack of it largely influences constipation. Sedentary lifestyle significantly affects the body’s ability to get rid of waste matter. In fact of the leading causes of constipation is lack of exercise. The modern lifestyle that we live tend to cause us to be immobile in office and this largely affects bowel movements. The abdominal muscles are not exercised at all and this leads to constipation.

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