Symptoms of constipation

Constipation   is a mild to serious digestive problem that does not discriminate on age or gender. It has much to do with inability to pass stool the normal way. The following are the symptoms to watch out for in case of constipation:

Stools are fewer

Do you pass stool less than 3 times a week, then there is a problem. Under normal circumstances, one should be able to pass stool without straining at least 3 times a week. In case one goes less than this number of times, it simply means that the stool is hard and this is the reason it is not coming out.

Hard stool that is lumpy

The nature or appearance of the stool will tell you automatically if you are suffering from constipation or not. The stool of someone with the problem feels hard to touch. It is as if it has been drained of all water when passing out of the body. It is also possible that the   food itself completely lacked fibre, any fluid intake after its consumption and so on. The stool is usually in the form of lumps instead of one large compact mass. When you pass lumps instead of one mass, then you are probably suffering from this digestive problem.

Strained bowel movement

There are people who strain a lot when passing stool. This is because there are no peristaltic movements to initiate the downward movement of the stool. The sufferers thus have to apply a lot of pressure to push the stool out of the rectum. This could be very painful and sometimes the stool comes out with blood. The stool is the one that hurts the walls of the rectum, leading to bleeding.

Possible blockage

The sufferers of the problem often feel like there is something stopping the movement of the stool. In reality, it is the hardness of the stool which creates the resistance so much that the stool can hardly come out. The rectum is usually the one that is most affected. When the problem  gets  out of hand, the rectum may actually prolapsed, meaning that it comes out of the body and has to be manually returned or  a surgical operation carried out., when this happens, you know  that you have a serious  case that needs to be addressed from a medical point of view.

No complete emptying of the bowels

Those who suffer from this problem go to the loo all the time but they never feel like they have emptied the bowels. Rightly so, the bowel movement is never complete because the stool moves slowly. So, once one lump comes outdone thinks that they have emptied the bowels, but the movement continues slowly and this continues even after going to the loo back and forth. It may also happen that you feel there is still some stool when there is none. Sufferers of the condition will sit on the toilet bowl for minutes and only gas comes out.

When you experience any of the above, it is highly advisable that you seek ways to counter it.

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