Which is the best constipation medicine?

When it comes to finding the constipation medicine, there is never a straight answer. This is because we all have unique experiences which call for different treatment regimes. However, you will find that best constipation medicine is always out there depending on what you are looking for.


If you are bloated, it means that you have excess gas. Getting the excess gas can take a simple of act of walking. The gas is easily expelled and you will feel lighter and the discomfort. There are those who take antacids but this is not the best option since you might be seeking a temporary solution. The antacid will only remove the gas for that one particular time as long as you have constipation, you will most likely suffer from the constipation and bloating again. Taking the baking soda in addition to walking might just be the constipation medicine that you require.


The oral suppositories are usually highly recommended and especially if you already are suffering from constipation. The medication helps to deal with constipation by softening the stool .The other kinds of suppositories are inserted manually in the rectum t offer a cooling effect. The blood vessels which are usually swollen will subside from the swelling and you will get the relief that you much needed.

Laxatives are the best!

The laxatives have been explored as best constipation medicine options given the cheapness in obtaining them. They are for one sold as over-the-counter. You do not need prescription to buy them and they offer the best relief within the shortest time. However, the natural laxatives are preferable and can be obtained from the food that we take.

Take the example of castor oil. This can be found in your kitchen and only a spoonful is needed to make all the difference. This oil simply stimulates the colon and the bowel movements start. This way, you are able to pass stool with ease. The olive oil is another safe bet in as far as the constipation medicine is concerned. We use the olive oil to cook and as you will find out, it also plays an important role in relieving us from constipation. You need to ensure that you increase your intake of oils and especially the olive oil as it is healthy.

Take fluids

Instead of taking expensive medications for constipation, all that you need to do is to take fluids. They go a long way in aiding to soften the food that you eat. This way, the problem of constipation will not arise in any way.

Diet pills

There are some specially formulated diet pills which assist people with digestion problems. One of the main reasons why we have constipation is the inability to digest food. Finding suitable diet pills will greatly assist in overcoming the challenge of constipation.

You will also find that there is constipation medicine which is made for people with chronic constipation. Where you have a problem with constipation, you need constipation medicine.

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